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Gonana GuesthouseYou ever stay somewhere and think to yourself… Man, I wish I could cancel my flight home and just work from here for the next three months? Well, that’s how I felt when I stayed at Gonana Guesthouse in May of 2021 during my first visit to Paternoster.

Aesthetics and Character

Located on the beach in an area called Bekbaai, which is considered to be the quieter and less commercial side of Paternoster, this double-storey guesthouse is located right on the beach, so you’ll get to experience seeing Paternoster’s magnificent sunsets either from your room or the upstairs common area. Its Instagrammable interiors are also something worth talking about as its natural and textured aesthetic is all pulled together by a neutral colour palette that is accented by art pieces, that according to the Gonana website are made locally from recycled materials. If the stillness of Paternoster doesn’t calm your energy, stepping into the guesthouse certainly will.

The guest house is also environmentally conscious, with the electricity being solar generated and recycled rainwater being used in the bathrooms as well as to top up the pool.
Gonana Guesthouse

The Rooms

With 6 double rooms, 1 triple room and 1 studio bedroom; the guesthouse feels more spacious (and clearly is more spacious) than it looks from the outside.

We booked one of the sea-facing rooms on the ground floor, with a private veranda leading directly to the beach. These en-suite rooms boast extra-length beds with a wood finish frame and headboard, comfortable and warm bedding, more instagrammable corners and trinkets; but most importantly, the ability to fall asleep to and wake up to the sounds of the ocean.
Gonana Guesthouse Gonana Guesthouse

Things To Do

Eating: From the super hard to book like Wolfgat, which was closed at the time I went to Paternoster because it was winter and the menu at Wolfgat is comprised of the edible fynbos in the region; to the easy to eat spots with great views like:  De See Kat  and Gaatjie  or the over a hundred year old The Voorstrandt Restaurant which boasts a red and green paint job outside (something unique, in the strictly white and blue town of Paternoster); eating is an activity to make time for here.
Beach Buggy Fynbos Safari Tour: I wrote about this in my Two Days in Paternoster blog post, but long story short, this very touristy activity will give you some insight into this town and you’ll get to visit the Groot Paternoster Private Nature Reserve along the way all on a beach buggy.
Gonana Guesthouse

A Final Word

It’s easy to feel like you want to stay longer at Gonana because the breakfast served upstairs in the common area at the large solid wooden table with cushioned bench is really good and having quiet evenings sitting on the large leather couch in the common area of the guesthouse drinking tea and hot chocolate makes you feel like you’re at home. And, if you’re feeling like you need a reprieve from the manic nature of everyday life… like I said earlier… if the stillness Paternoster doesn’t calm your energy, stepping into this guesthouse certainly will.

Thithi Nteta
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