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I’m low key a super hippie type who cares about the environment and stuff like that, which is why when I saw that Papaya Playa Project was all about sustainability and environmental responsibility, with a goal to have ”zero emissions and zero contamination community by June 2018,” I was sold. Admittedly, I don’t know what all of that means, but it sounds like it’s a good thing for the planet.

Aesthetics and Character

Located along a stretch of private beach, the best way to try and describe Papaya Playa Project is that it feels like part of the the natural habitat, with its stylish rustic wooden thatched structures that peek out from dense jungle foliage overlooking the ocean. In fact, when you look at pictures taken from the beach, you can barely see the hotel hiding in the  jungle.Papaya Playa ProjectPapaya Playa Project

Image from Papaya Playa Projects

The Rooms

The hotel has a variety of accommodation options from cabanas, to casitas and villas, which are all nestled in the jungle surrounding the beach and sea. We stayed in their two bedroom Maya Ocean Cabana with ocean views, which had two double beds, a private bathroom, no TV and no wifi…which was perfect for me because, given how busy my life has become lately, my need to be super connected and reachable was definitely not high up in my version of Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs.

The vibe of the cabana, decor wise could be described as simple, natural, authentic, yet sophisticated and luxurious. Nothing is too rustic, everything is perfectly placed and you could feel when you touched the linen for example that it is indeed luxury and good quality.

Image from Papaya Playa Projects

Things To Do

Another reason, I booked Papaya Playa Project, besides saving the environment, is because I had seen that they have a spa that provides Mayan Shaman therapies and yoga classes. Granted I didn’t make it to any of the yoga classes because I was probably too hungover, but my sister went and she looked super relaxed and happy afterwards.

In addition to the above, the hotel is known for hosting events every Saturdays and once a month a full-moon party, with international DJs at its beach bar. And for more “touristy” activities, the Tulum ruins are located 1 km from the hotel and the Gran Cenote is about 15 minutes away.

A Final Word

The rustic, nature based aesthetics, partnered with the sophisticated touches of simple details, unique location and friendly staff greeting you with cheerful “Ola as you make your way through the jungle to get breakfast are just some of the things that make Papaya Playa Project truly feel like an escape. Also, having breakfast overlooking the ocean is just *chefs kiss*. I really don’t know what else to say about that.

Thithi Nteta
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