Layering… A stylish way to pack for cold weather

There is something magical about being in New York in December. From the Christmas lights and windows at Barney’s to the people walking through the city layered in coats and holding cups of coffees, the visual is so reminiscent of all the movies I’ve watched with New York as the starring role. The leaves are a beautiful ochre and if you are lucky enough to watch the sun rise or set from an elevated place in the city the view is beyond magical… It’s hard not to envision the New York Dominique Francon and Howard Roark in Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead saw in the buildings that make up the Manhattan. layeringUp until now my biggest fear was that a winter in New York would ruin the beautiful relationship I had with the city. Besides being petrified of the cold, I was also “concerned” that the need to stay warm would compromise my stylish lewks… But thank goodness for layering.

Tip number 1: Invest in a  selection of knits that range from light to heavy because winter is all about knits. Having a variety of knits in different weights means that you can layer your knits in an intelligent and stylish way.

Tip number 2: Be creative and layer different outerwear pieces like a coat over a blazer to stay warm or wear a turtleneck over a shirt for a look that’s stylish but warm.

Tip number 3: Invest in a good coat so you can throw it over your shoulders stylishly like a cape… oh, and be warm, because it’s cold. Clothing Credits: Grey coat from H&M | Cropped turtle neck (worn over denim shirt) from Witchery | Denim shirt from G-Star RAW | Leather trousers from Alexander Wang x H&M | Jewellery from Mimco | Hat from Simon & Mary at Superbalist | Creepers from Rihanna x Puma

Photography by Paul WARD

Thithi Nteta
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