Five Days in Bali

With 5 nights to explore

Delivering on all my expectations, because of the food, entertainment, scenery (even as we drove from one place to another), this blog post on our trip to Bali, is 2 years after the fact. Some places have closed, some are reopening under new names, but this wonderful trip had to be documented and if one of you, or even myself, should get to return to Bali, here are the things we did, and the things, I’d do again…

Potato Head Beach Club

We spent our first full day in Bali at the Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak. A beach club located on the beach (duh), with an infinity pool and a swim-up bar surrounded by various daybeds. We arrived relatively early in order to secure a place to set up  for the day, because that’s what I read on most blogs and what I was advised by most people who had visited Potato Head before. I don’t have much to tell you about Potato Head over and above what you have seen and heard before. It is super fun. We spent the day, day-drinking in the pool, eating at our cabana and soaking up the warm sunny weather and wrapped up the day with dinner at Kaum Restaurant, located upstairs from the Potato Head Beach Club.

Merah Putih

Merah PutihDay 2 of our trip was pretty relaxed, as most were feeling quite fragile from the days’ activities (and tequilas) at Potato Head Beach Club. After a day at the beach reading and falling asleep in between dips in the water, we all regrouped in the early evening for a wonderful culinary experience at Merah Putih, a beautiful (and Instagrammable) restaurant with its indoor garden, translucent, structural roof and rich green hues. We ordered our meals to share, family / tapas style so we could try a few of the delicious items on the menu, whilst enjoying delicious cocktails and drinks and planning the rest of the vacation activities.

I am sad to say that when I looked online, Merah Putih seems to be temporarily closed and according to their Instagram account, the restaurant is being sold. I can only assume, like many businesses in the travel and hospitality industry, that the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic did not leave this amazing restaurant untouched, which is obviously very sad.Merah Putih

The Sayan House

Located in Ubud, this is one of the places I have to return to simply because I did not eat enough here. And luckily for me (and my stomach), it seems, upon doing some desktop research, that this Japanese meets Latin American cuisine restaurant is still open. Our visit was still pretty much perfect, as we enjoyed a tipple or two, whilst munching on some delicious small plates and watched the sun set over the incredible jungle views. I will say that even though I am writing this just over two years after visiting The Sayan House, I recall very vividly not wanting to leave and desperately wanting to order more food.Sayan House

Omnia Dayclub, now Savaya Bali

A few years ago, a few casual friends and I started a brunch day party called THE WKND SOCIAL, and I personally, always had the most fun before the sun set. You’re probably wondering why am I telling you this? Well…because I really, really love a day party. And as far as day partying goes, our experience at Omnia Dayclub, which closed due to COVID-19 and has now reopened as Savaya Bali was beyond fun. (I wish there was a word for when one has more fun, than fun). Between the views that one experiences, because this venue is literally on a cliff 100 metres above the ocean, whilst drinking cocktails and dancing in the pool, the whole vibe at Omnia (Savaya) is a “Damn! Can life get better than this?!” vibe.

Omnia Bali Omnia BaliAt this point, it is probably sounding as if all we did on this vacation was eat and drink, which is partially true. Only because, in between all this eating and drinking we were doing, there were some massages at the Hilton Bali’s spa, whilst others did water sports and a day trip to Ubud, which is about an hour out from Nusa Dua, to do all the touristy, but very cool things like visit the Temples, the Tegallalang Rice Terrace and the Bali Swings.Bali Swings Bali Swings

Rice Terrace

Thithi Nteta
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