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About this blog

Hello, and welcome to TGB

I have always had a thing for blogs. From the blog I used to run with my friends called PinkLyte to my first personal blogspot teeteeiswithme, and now Travel Girl Boss, it’s safe to say that I am into blogs.

I wish I could say that I intentionally (because of my thing for blogs) went on a journey to become a travel blogger. But the truth is, shortly after I shut down teeteeiswithme as it did not really reflect who I was anymore, I was inundated by emails and DMs from people asking me about tips on how to plan a trip, where to go to in New York, or Paris or Thailand. So I decided to pull out those old blog posts and start Travel Girl Boss.

And since its inception, Travel Girl Boss has become so much more to me… It’s become a scrap book of all my trips and thoughts on travel.  A way to look back at my trips and read about how I experienced a place and instantly be transported back and want to go back to relive and maybe make new memories there.

A platform where travel stories, tips and content can be shared, I really hope to inspire some wanderlust in anyone reading and following this blog, because I do believe that whether it is a road trip, a staycation or requires your passport; travelling really makes you a better person.

With love and admiration