5 ways to style summer items with a turtleneck

Have you ever had to travel somewhere during that awkward season when spring is just about to spring and the weather doesn’t really know what it is doing? One day it’s so warm that bare legs are the only option, then the next day it’s so nippy, you’re rushing to the nearest H&M or Forever 21 to buy a jacket to combat the chill…

That is exactly what happened to me, on my last Euro trip to Copenhagen, Stockholm and Amsterdam. Even through the weather was getting warmer, and the summer time venues were opening up for business because the sun was setting at around 9pm, the chill in the air (for us South African’s) was still very much real.

As a result of this, I found myself in H&M sorting through the winter sale rails attempting to purchase items to cover up with and / or layer with. Not wanting to purchase heavy outerwear, I found that besides black opaque tights / stockings / hosiery, the turtleneck proved to be super functional and versatile in the layering (and keeping warm) department.

Adding instant elegance to any outfit, the turtleneck is essential to one’s winter wardrobe. An old school classic that goes in and out of fashion so often that it can’t be considered in the realm of what’s fashionable and what’s not anymore, because it’s a wardrobe staple… like denim jeans, crisp white shirts and little black dresses.

From Steve Jobs, to former Black Panther member Kathleen Neal in a white turtleneck, to Diane Keaton who seems to be able to wear a turtleneck all year round, the turtleneck evokes a type of fashion seriousness. Covering the neckline and subsequently the chest area (unless you are Kim Kardashion in a sheer turtleneck) there is absolutely nothing sexy or frivolous about the turtleneck. Even in its cropped and sleeveless format, that covered neckline will somehow (unless it is sheer) add some silent sophistication to your look. Perhaps it’s the lack of exposure around the chest area, who knows? But this versatile garment (love it or hate it) is a tried and tested classic, that is practical, versatile and a total “thing” right now thanks to Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and the fall/winter 2015 collections at New York Fashion Week.

An ideal first layer to add warmth on a trip, the trusty turtleneck is also the perfect way to take summer staples to winter.

Thithi Nteta
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