10 reasons frequent-flyer programmes are worth signing up for

frequent-flyer programmes

In general, I am a huge fan of rewards programmes. What can I say? I am sucker for gamification. This is why I believe in signing up for frequent-flyer programmes more than I believe in myself. From priority boarding to lounge access and paying with your miles, here are 10 reasons frequent-flyer programmes are worth it:

  1. It’s free. With no upfront sign up costs, the only thing you “pay for” (in very large air quotes) are the reams of emails in your inbox. These can be a tiny bit annoying, especially if you have joined a few of these programmes, but it’s a small price to pay for some of the perks you get in the end.
  2. You can immediately start earning miles with your very first flight booking. This just feels good. However, I do recommend that you eventually settle on one or two preferred airlines so that you accumulate miles with them, as opposed to many different airlines. For me that airline is Emirates. In fact, I will sometimes choose to not fly direct just so I can fly Emirates and earn miles or use the miles I already have to book a flight.
  3. You can pay with your miles or supplement your flight booking with miles, thus saving you money. I don’t think I need to unpack this further for you 😉
  4. Depending on which airline and tier you are on being part of an airline’s frequent-flyer programme will allow you access to priority check-in and boarding. I don’t like queuing… so this is one perk I really value.
  5. Another favourite of mine, is the complimentary lounge access, or discounted lounge access, depending on the airline and tier you find yourself in the programme. As an Emirates Skywards member, this is a game changer when I have one of those long layovers that require a shower, a glass of champagne and a place to take a comfortable nap.
  6. Access to upgrades using your miles. If you’re lucky person (like me) you can also get immediately bumped up a class, at no cost, as you board.
  7. Access to extra luggage allowance, depending on the airline and tier. Not sure, about you guys, but I never want to be caught unpacking my suitcase and trying to stuff things into my carry-on because my suitcase is overweight in public again.
  8. Access to perks such as complimentary wifi onboard so that you don’t miss any of the WhatsApp GroupChat gossip because of a 14 hour flight.
  9. If you are a window seat flyer like me Emirates’ complimentary seat selection is honestly one of the best perks. Paired with the fact that details like my dietary preferences are saved on my account, these seemingly small things, really make for a swifter online check-in process.
  10. You can earn miles with the airline’s partners, which include other airlines, hotels etc.
Thithi Nteta
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