Travel Girl Boss About

If I am being honest, I did not intentionally go on the journey to become a travel blogger. I used to have a fashion blog ages ago called teeteeiswithme, where I’d occasionally post about my travels, and a few years ago I made the decision to shut it down as it did not really reflect who I was anymore.
Shortly after shutting it down I was inundated by emails and DMs of people asking about where to go to New York, or Paris or Thailand; so I decided to pull out those old blog posts and start Travel Girl Boss. And, I am really glad I did it because it gives me a way to document my memories in a wonderful way that not only acts a kind of journal for me, but also inspires other people to whip out their passports or get in a car and take a road trip somewhere.
As the years have evolved and I have sporadically shared content on this blog, Travel Girl Boss has (to me) become more than just a platform where travel stories, tips and content is shared… It’s also very much about the woman with a decisive free spirit. A woman who decides she wants to, she must experience the world because her insatiable need to just know and see more… is exactly that… Insatiable. The world, in every way, feels like it is full of possibilities. She can’t be boxed, or defined by some of the simple ways and words the world often tries to box her in. Despite the challenges the world presents her with, she aims to live her live with wild intention.
with love and admiration
– Thithi